Last Update: 19/01/2020

Introduction: Understanding Qkopy X

Qkopy X for Instant Communication: Qkopy X is a subset of the Qkopy Platform, a one-to-one communication application that allows instant communication to a large audience directly from one source.

Qkopy X is an exclusive app for Qkopy Premium Plan subscribers.The white labeled app with your ID / brand name. Qkopy X works like a radio, Only one side communication is possible. The suffix X in Qkopy X will be premium subscribers name(brand/organization/business name). Ie the app will be in the name of premium plan subscriber. Eg: Your Name Qkopy App for instant communication.

Qkopy X for Android


  1. An exclusive app for premium plan subscribers (White labeled App)
  2. No sign up required for users
  3. No user permissions required
  4. Message timeline only from a particular contact

  1. Personal Information
    • Non-Account Activity: No information / registration details are required to access this app. No personally sensitive information(phone number, email address, name) is collected and stored by the user while downloading and using this particular application(Qkopy X).
    • Account-Related Activity: No account related actions are held in this particular app(Qkopy X). A typical user do not require to sign-up or could not create an account through this app (Qkopy X). Here the user will only be able to read/ view the feeds/ contents from the registered premium account in Qkopy App. Certain other activities on the app like uploading information is not not done from this app, for that the User require a Registered Premium Account in Qkopy app. The User is required to provide some personal information when the User creates an account in Qkopy, which personal information includes the User's mobile number, email address, which is used to protect the User's account from unauthorized access. A Registered Premium Account allows the User to access and do many activities in Qkopy platform.
    • Usage Information. The App Owner may record information about the User's usage, such as when the User used the app, the favourites the User subscribed to, the contacts the User communicated with, the information the User has viewed and the frequency and size of data transfers, as well as the information the User displayed on the app (including UI elements, settings, and other information).
    • Content Uploaded to this app. Any information that the Qkopy premium user voluntarily discloses online becomes publicly available and can be collected, shared with other mediums and used by others.
  2. Information that is publicly available
    • When a user download and use this app, some information about the Qkopy premium account (content provider to this app) and the premium account activity will be provided to other normal users of this app. This may include the date the Premium User opened the Qkopy account, the Premium User's Details( (if the User choose to make it public), Location, Qkopy ID and users name.
    • The Premium User's account name is displayed to other Users when the User engages in certain activities on the app, such as when the Premium User uploads information to the premium account in Qkopy or sends messages through the services of Qkopy platform. Other normal Users who are using this particular app(Qkopy X) can contact the User through messages once they sin-up and register with Qkopy App.
    • The Premium User(content provider to this app) may also choose to add personal information that will be visible to other Users.
    • Any information that the Qkopy Premium User submits on Qkopy platform can be redistributed through the internet and other media by the users of this particular app, without obtaining any consent from the Premium Qkopy user (the content provider of this app) and may be viewed by the general public.
  3. We have a Grievance Officer to address your concerns regarding data safety, privacy, and Platform usage concerns. We will resolve the issues raised by you within 45 days from receiving them. You may contact the Grievance Officer at : E- Mail: