More About Qkopy

“Qkopy, The Mass Broadcasting Platform” An innovative platform for broadcasting messages & updates to a large number of people instantly.

Qkopy is a free download mobile number based broadcasting & communication platform which helps the user to broadcast information updates(multimedia) to a large number of people through a trusted source, here the trusted source is the mobile number.

Qkopy for Influencers, Businesses & Organizations

On signing up as a user in Qkopy by registering with a mobile number, a user who choose to be the source (Premium subscriber/ Sender) can broadcast.

  • Messages/ contents as text, images
  • Attachments /application forms (PDF)
  • Geo-tag- locations

will reach as instant notifications to any number of people who (normal user/ receiver) have saved the source(senders) authentic mobile number with Qkopy App in their mobile devices.

How does Qkopy work?

Qkopy has two fronts, a content or information source referred to as a broadcaster and a mass audience referred as receivers.

Qkopy is a phone number based social media platform for communication, broadcasting and propagation of information through a valid mobile number to any number of people by establishing a direct connection between the broadcaster and the receiver thereby ensuring the receiver, the authenticity and direct access to the original source of information.

Qkopy works with a mobile number. Every user has to sign up with a mobile number and the user prefers to be a broadcaster who needs to subscribe for a Premium Pack. All other users can follow their interest in Qkopy by saving the phone contact of their interests.

Qkopy for Influencers: Influencers include journalists, storytellers, subject experts, celebrities, public figures and other individuals with large followings in society. A user who has established credibility in a specific industry or domain. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

As an Influencer in Qkopy, one can target a large number of audience instantly and can establish a private communication channel with each and every follower. An influencer can spread his/her messages, stories and can collect feedback from each of them privately.

Case Study

1. Connecting Citizens with Local Self Governments (B2G)

Qkopy for Panchayat (Local Self Governments) Thousands of people (General Public) at the panchayats of Kerala is now directly connected with the panchayat presidents. Now the LSG President can broadcast messages.

  • Government Policies & Schemes
  • Medical Camps
  • Emergency Alerts (SOS)
  • Social welfare awareness and Information etc.
  • Distribute forms(PDF) and formats on different government initiatives

Ulliyeri Grama Panchayath (Local Self Government)

Influencer (Broadcaster): Panchayath President

Receivers: General Public in Ulliyeri Panchayath

Around 2000 Plus people in Ulliyeri panchayath have saved the mobile number contact of Panchayat president official mobile number and receive updates frequently

2. Business/ Merchant (Broadcaster): Club Sulaimani Cafe & Restaurant (B2B)

Receiver: Customers (who has saved the number) & public nearby and around 1 Km radius

A local business, Club Sulaimani Cafe Restaurant today uses Qkopy App to connect and interact with the customers and to attract new customers in and around their service area.

Club Sulaimani as a broadcaster, publishes daily offers and deals, new products and service updates on Qkopy, the customer who has the Qkopy contact number in their phones will get instant updates. The general public who are not connected with Club Sulaimani can find Club Sulaimani near to within 1 KM.