Frequently Asked Questions


What is Qkopy?

A mobile number based platform where you can discover and follow your interests.

Why should I use Qkopy?

Qkopy enables you to discover your interests around you and you can make a discussion.

How to become a user and registration process?

Qkopy available on Play Store, App Store as well as Amazon App Store. User can register with their mobile number.

How can I use Qkopy?

Qkopy can be used by businesses to create a public profile by their business number.

Being a user, what all rights I have?

Qkopy enables you to set profile and privacy settings to stay safe online.

Who can see me?

Any user in the network who keep your mobile number on their device contact list and view your profile and updates.

Who can see my post/ updates and contact?

The post/updates that you make public will be visible to users saved your mobile number to their contact list.

Would I be able to know who copied or shared?

No, you will not get the information on the users who copied, you are accessible only to the counts.

Can I see people who have my contact information?

No, you are not able to, but you can view the number of people have your contact information in Qkopy network.

What happens when others share my contact information in the Qkopy network?

In Qkopy by sharing your contact information only public updates posted by you will be listed.

Who will see my updates?

Your updates, mentioned as public will be seen by all the users who have kept your contact.

How can I choose whom to see, copy- share my update? Who not to do this?

Since privacy is a key feature on Qkopy, You can set your own privacy for each update you make.

Who can share the updates published in my Qkopy profile?

The contact whom you have set the permissions to copy your updates and share it to the networks are liable to do it.

Can any other user be able to see my contact list?

No user is able to see your contact list.

Can people see my connections?

No one can see your connections.

Is there any text limit to the content posted over Qkopy?

No, there is no text limit to the content posted in Qkopy.