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Stand for kerala

18/08/2018 | 04.00PM

The state of Kerala is in the midst of dealing with the worst floods in memory, after relentless rains, and the toll on human life as well as the property has been tremendous. As a responsible social Startup from the state of Kerala, we joined hands with the Kozhikode city traffic police to help fight the spread of fake news through their social networking app, QKopy. Many roads in the city have been submerged, and the traffic police are using the app to generate awareness, issue directions on which route to use and offer regular updates.

Nipah Help Program

24/05/2018 | 02.06AM

There was much news spreading about the Nipah virus and related issues in the state Kerala especially in Kozhikode, Malappuram region through unauthorised groups of major social media, which is not authentic and is making the society panic. Due to this, the public was misinformed about the facts and the authorities found difficult to give awareness and right direction to the public instantly.
Nipah Help was a digital support & awareness program initiated by Government of Kerala in association with Kerala Startup Mission to give very authentic information, help and awareness to each and every citizen at the affected area instantly from the health department of the states and from the concerned district administration.
The solution offered was a Nipah Help App powered by Qkopy, where health department can broadcast authentic and valid news information from a verified contact number of the department to the thousands of citizens through a single post. Hence the public will be directly addressed and informed by the health department. The solution was able to control and manage the emergency and panic situation to a certain extent by giving the right directions and awareness.