1. What is Qkopy?

A mobile number based social networking platform where you can create your mobile number based profile which enables you to spread your thoughts and moments with the mobile numbers in the network.

2. Why should I use Qkopy?

Qkopy is the only social networking platform in the world with the mobile number as your profile. You must note that there are more than 2 billion mobile internet users in the world now. Hence Qkopy opens you a window of endless opportunities in spreading your thoughts in a simplest fastest and safest way to reach the two billion plus mobile internet users across the network

3. How can I become a user? How is the registration process?

You can download the Android version of the Qkopy from Google play store and iOS versions of Qkopy from Apple app store. It is very simple to register as new users by providing just two of your information like your username (any name you prefer) and mobile number( mandatory for registration). The OTP verification is done to complete the registration. Upon registration, the application automatically gets synchronized with the phone contact you have saved on your device. The application will ask for the various permissions from the user for the smooth functioning of the app in further.

4. How can I use Qkopy?

Qkopy has its application at various levels. The application use cases are related to daily life necessities. Since Qkopy is a social networking platform with mobile numbers as the unique id, you can explore various possibilities of your mobile number based profile by connecting to the network for your personal or professional necessities to full fill.
Eg: If you make an update with your Qkopy profile, the information will be reflected among and many users who have kept your mobile number with their device contact, no matter you have all these mobile numbers with your mobile device.

5. Being a user, what all rights I have?

Your Unique ID will be your mobile number. You have all right to edit and make changes to the profile you have created with your mobile number. You can edit or delete the updates you have posted. You can view or share the digital content posted from the other users in the network. You can keep your privacy protected as being a user with Qkopy, knowing all the updates from your interests without sharing your contact info with the third party.

6. Who can see me?

Any user in the network who keep your contact info(mobile number) on their device contact list.

7. Who can see my post/ updates and contact information?

The post/updates that you make public will be visible to the contacts on your device as well as to the people who have kept your contact info on their devices. The information you kept as private will be seen only to your device contacts or to the people you assign.

8. Would I be able to know who copied or shared the updates I spread on Qkopy?

No, you will not get the information on the users who copied or shared the updates you posted, but you will get the count of users who copied or shared the updates posted by you through the Qkopy network.

9. Can I see people who have my contact information?

No, you are not able to, but you can view the number of people in Qkopy network who have your contact information..

10. What happens when others share my contact information in the Qkopy network?

Sharing your contact information is like spreading your mobile number or unique ID in public and will be viewed at Que feed in the Qkopy platform. Somebody in public happens to save your contact with their mobile device can see the updates form your profile which is kept public

11. Who will see my updates?

Your updates, mentioned as public will be seen by all the users who have kept your contact and the updated made as the private will be seen to the assigned contacts only

12. How can I choose whom to see, copy- share my update? Who not to do this?

Since privacy is a key feature on Qkopy, You can set your own privacy for each update you make. Where you can assign whom you want to see copy- share your update and whom you don’t want to do all this activity with your profile

13. Who can copy or share the updates published in my Qkopy profile?

The contact whom you have set the permissions to view and copy your updates and share it to the networks are liable to do it.

14. Can any other user be able to see my contact list?

No user is able to see your contact list

15. Can people see my connections?

No one can see your connections.

16. Is there any text limit to the content posted over Qkopy?

No, there is no text limit to the content posted in Qkopy

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