In January 2018 we started our journey as a startup, from prototype to a public beta it took 3 months and by the end of May 2018, we released our platform to the public. Founded by Arun Perooli along with two other Co-Founders Rajiv Surendran and Rahul with a troupe of creative owls and rockstar geeks " Sudhamsu Vamadev, Rohith, Lincy George, Arun Ravindranath and Ramees Muhammed "

We released our platform to the public as a support platform to help the state government to battle against fake messages and faux news spread through Whats App And other social media when Nipah Virus outbreak occurred in our state. Now Qkopy is the official social broadcasting partner of the Government health services to propagate awareness and directions to the people at the Nipah affected area of the state.

We aspire to build the next responsible social networking for the feature form our country to the world